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May 08 2014


Rijeka, the Pearl of Kvarner

I never get tired of typing about Croatia and neither should you get tired of reading about it. It is really a unique place filled with many wondrous things to discover and learn from. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably into sailing and boats. I know I’m a great fanatic when it comes to yachts. Every year I manage to treat myself and my family to a charter sailing yacht from Croatia’s most reliable chartering agency – SailingEurope. I love those people! They always set me up with something extraordinary and luxurious.

Today’s story revolves around my wife and me and how we spent our last summer vacation aboard a yacht, sailing around the Kvarner Bay in Croatia. I can’t remember the last time we sailed anywhere else but Croatia. I even bought myself a t-shirt that says “I love Croatia”. How cliché is that, huh? My wife thinks it’s tacky and childish but I don’t mind. I love putting it on while I steer our ship to its course. Thanks to the trusty route planner we were able to reach Kvarner with ease. The weather was just about perfect. Not a worry in the world.

It came down to a decision between me and my wife what city shall we visit first. We decided on Rijeka, a rather urban part of Kvarner but nonetheless attractive or unimportant.

We approached the main harbor of Gradska Luka and managed to anchor there. Our first tourist attraction was the Torpedo factory, where the first European prototypes of underwater missiles were created. This was naturally all my idea, because no self-respecting woman would decide to take their husband to a war factory or anything remotely related to war. Wife thought it was kind of cute, seeing me all excited about a bunch of “rockets”. The remains of the factory still exist, including a well-preserved launch ramp used for testing torpedoes.

Rijeka offers many more historic monuments, not just this factory. For example, we were able to make a stop at the Old gate also called the Roman arch and the Rijeka Cathedral dedicated to St. Vitus. Both sightings were exceptional and amazing. To think it has been so many years since they were first built and still stand today. History really is remarkable. It is what makes mankind exist throughout centuries.

My wife is a hiking addict, so she managed to convince me to start climbing to the top of the hill of Trsat which overlook the whole city of Rijeka and offers one of the most beautiful and special views. We weren’t disappointed either. The view was breathtaking. As we took pictures of ourselves or as the youth calls them “selfies”, we couldn’t help but feel a bit sad because it was time to head back home.

I hope I’ve inspired you in some way to give Rijeka a chance and visit it someday on one of your travels. Come back again and read about my other adventures! Happy sailing!

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